In today’s post I wanted to talk to you about your upcoming wedding, and in particular I wanted to help to answer the question: Why should I hire a wedding florist?

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In this post covid 19, new normal world, wedding plans will be in a state of flux and naturally budgets may have to be tightened up in some areas this and similar thoughts may have led you to ponder…

Is hiring a professional wedding florist to do my flowers really worth it?

As a wedding florist I’m obviously slightly biased but I wanted to highlight some of benefits of trusting your beautiful wedding flowers to an experienced professional who can fulfil your flowery dreams.

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Wedding florists know flowers!

When you approach any good florist for your wedding flowers quote she or he will organise a consultation where you can chat in depth about your ideas.

They can show you different styles of bridal flowers, suggest appropriate flowers and guide you through the types of arrangements you might like to have on the day from your bridal flowers to centrepieces and even floral arches or installations, making the whole process much less daunting.

They can create for you bespoke floral recipes made up of flower varieties that compliment each other in harmonising colour palettes.

Florists also have the skills to know what flower to use in what arrangement. For example tall flowers like Delphiniums or Gladioli would look amazing in a pedestal arrangements but would be far too tall for a dainty jam jar arrangement.

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Wedding florists have access to growers and wholesalers across the UK and throughout the world.

This may sound obvious but if you decide to diy your wedding flowers you may not have access to this. Most wholesalers do not sell to the general public and if they do they sell to you it will be at a more expensive price. They also sell in large quantities so it can be extremely challenging to decide what varieties to buy in order to achieve the look you want. This is also where the costs can start to mount up you might only need 10 stems of something but you often have to buy in 50s, what are you going to with the other 40?! It’s surprising how it quickly adds up!

Yes, there are British growers who offer ‘pick your own’ mixed buckets which goes some way to helping with that but you’ve still got to travel to these places a few days before you wedding to collect them store them, arrange them, then transport them to and set them up at your venue, which brings me nicely onto my next point….

Time: Wedding florists spend a lot of their time and effort selecting and conditioning your flowers before they even begin arranging them.

You may think you are saving money by doing you own flowers but many brides fail to fully appreciate the time involved in not only selecting and obtaining the flowers, but also conditioning, developing, designing, arranging, transporting and setting them up at your venue on the day. Once you have factored in all that time and stress you may find it’s far more convenient and cost effective to hire a professional.

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So who will arrange your flowers if you don’t hire a wedding florist?

This the biggest reason to hire a professional. Flowers are perishable they have to be bought, conditioned and arranged pretty close to your big day when there are a lot of other things going on such as nail and hair appointments, catching up with friends and family or just relaxing with some bubbly before all the madness kicks off!

You could as a family member such as your Mum to do it but it’s a lot of stress and worry to put on a relative on such a busy and special occasion when they’d much rather be spending time with you.

When you use a trained wedding florist you are paying for them to select and condition your flowers so they look beautiful for your big day, their creativity and design skills, use of their containers and for them to set up the flowers on the day of your wedding, so you can relax knowing your flowers will be perfect!

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Floristry is a skill that people spend years learning a perfecting. When you hire a wedding florist you are paying for all that knowledge, experience and creativity. In my opinion a wedding florist is definitely worth budgeting for!

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Bye for now

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