In this blog post I’ll help you choose flowers for your wedding tables. I will show you wedding table flowers, that will excite and inspire you!

Nothing beats beautiful fresh floral decoration on your wedding breakfast tables. Table flowers create an unforgettable atmosphere on your special day.

A stunning arrangement of fresh flowers will wow and delight your wedding guests.  There are so many great ways to style your wedding reception tables, so if you are stuck for ideas or just looking for inspiration, then look no further.

Today, I’m sharing 4 beautiful options for wedding table centrepieces to suit a variety of budgets

  • Bud vases and jam jar flowers
  • Low and round table centrepieces
  • Tall and dramatic designs
  • Candelabra centrepieces

Keep scrolling to see some inspiring images of these different styles of centrepieces, complete with guide prices for each one so you can keep your wedding flower budget in check!

Bud Vases and Jam Jars

  • Select a variety of different sized jam jars and bud vases to create an interesting and impactful display
  • Choosing bud vases and jam jars are vessels for your wedding blooms is a simple, effective, and budget friendly way of creating a floral statement.
  • Bright blooms stand out and contrast beautifully with crisp white tablecloths.
  • Why not gift your jam jar and bud vase flowers to your wedding guests at the end of the evening?
  •  Guide price for bud vases is £15 per vase, jam jars £25 per jar

Low and round table centrepieces

Your wedding guests will want to chat with each other and have a great view of the wedding reception room so it’s a good idea to choose flower displays that aren’t too tall!

  •   Low, round table centrepieces work well because they are low enough for your guests to see over.
  • The round shape echoes the shape of the guest tables
  • Low round centrepieces are compact and don’t take up too much space on the guest’s tables.
  • Guide price for low, round table centrepieces is from £85 per table

Tall and dramatic centrepieces

If you are looking to create more impact with your wedding florals, then consider a tall centrepiece for your guest’s tables.

  • Tall centrepieces add a touch of drama and theatre to your wedding reception.
  • A tall centrepiece works well if the ceiling of your venue is high as they give the illusion of filling space.
  • Place this style of centrepiece on a tall stand so your guest’s view isn’t obstructed
  • Guide price for tall and dramatic table centrepieces start from £130 per table.

Candelabra centrepieces

Candelabra table centrepieces add a wonderful sense of warmth and atmosphere to your wedding breakfast

  • Like a table centrepiece on a stand, candelabra arrangements look amazing in venues with high ceilings
  • Candelabra arrangements come in a variety of styles- they can look neat and formal or you can opt for more wild and relaxed look.
  • Some venues allow real flames but if they don’t, good quality, flickering LED candles look just as beautiful and realistic.
  • Guide price for candelabra table centrepieces is from £85 per table.

So, there you have it 4 different but equally beautiful ways to dress your wedding breakfast tables with gorgeous table centrepieces to suit your budget.

All the images included in this blog feature florals designed and styled by me at Ash Tree Floral Designs.

If you’d like to book a no obligation wedding flowers consultation to discuss what is possible for your big day please drop me an email at [email protected] or click here to fill out an enquiry form