This post is all about personal brand photoshoots and my experience of my first photoshoot back in July 2021!

I had been considering getting some professional photographs taken for a while but I had been putting it off because I am very uncomfortable in front of a camera!

However, I knew how important great quality images are for my social media and website so I was determined to suck it up and get the photographs done!

Before I tell you more about how I got on here are a few reasons why I think brand photography is important.

What is a branding photoshoot anyway?

I hear you ask!

Well it’s simply a photoshoot of the owner/ team behind a brand. A chance to show off the face/ faces behind a business, product or service.

I’m a wedding florist. I am based in Birmingham. My style is quirky and contemporary. I really wanted my personal branding photoshoot to reflect my flower style, my personality and the city I love!

Why is a personal branding photoshoot important?

It’s great for social media!

Having a library of great quality images to use to help with content creation on social media is such a lifesaver. I don’t know about you, but I find it so draining sometimes trying to come up with new stuff to post!

Makes your website look more professional           

Having good quality and professional looking images on your website creates a great impression for potential clients.

Strengthens your brand identity

Photographs tell a story. The location/ locations you choice for your personal branding photoshoot, the outfit you wear, the props you use etc all help to reinforce what your business and your personality is all about.

Shows the face behind your brand

This is one of the most important reason to get some pics done of yourself and your team! Clients love to see the face behind a business.

I spend so much time taking gorgeous pictures of my flowers which is super important too…but people buy from people so it’s vital to show your face from time to time so clients can make a personal connection with you and your brand.

It helps build trust.

It’s also an amazing confidence boost!

Getting my pictures back from my photoshoot was so exciting! My photographer, Mica did an amazing job of capturing me looking natural and happy with my flowers. It definitely gave me a positive boost!

Photography by Mica Ross-Harris

My Brand Photoshoot

As I said earlier I am a wedding florist based in Birmingham. My style is creative and quirky and my flower designs are wild and relaxed but always beautiful and contemporary.

The location

My brand photographer Mica Ross- Harris and I chose the area around Flood Gate Street in Digbeth, Birmingham as the location for my photoshoot. We both knew that the fun, relaxed vibe of the area and the gorgeous street art would complement my brand identity.

What I wore

Because Digbeth street art is so vibrant and my flowers are so colourful I chose to wear plain black for my brand photoshoot. I didn’t want patterned clothing to clash and compete with my surroundings.

How I felt

I’m not naturally confident in front of a camera but Mica instantly put me at my ease. She was so professional and friendly.

At the beginning of the shoot I was actually quite nervous and felt a little silly but I soon relaxed and put my trust in Mica and her direction.

What did I learn?

I am really happy with the way my photographs turned out and I highly recommend my brand photographer Mica.

However next time I have a shoot done I will get some photographs of me making up bouquets, working on my laptop, writing notes etc. These kind of images help to tell a typical day to day story of my business.

Would I recommend a personal branding shoot?

Yes! I’m really glad I took the plunge and got the personal brand shoot done.

I love the photographs and I get really great responses and comments from my followers when I post them on social media.

My husband also recently gave my website a bit of a refresh using some of the pictures from my brand shoot and they really help to give my homepage and my about page a really professional and polished look.

Thanks for reading!

Contact Mica Ross-Harris to book your personal brand shoot and drop me a little message to enquire about your wedding flowers or next special event!