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How to Create the Perfect Hand-tied Bouquet

Hello! Today’s post will show you how to create a beautiful and professional looking gift wrapped hand-tied bouquet with spiralled stems, perfect to give as a present.

Lily and Rose bouquet
Learning to spiral stems takes practice. You must always insert the stems into the bouquet in the same direction to avoid crossing the stems. Also remember to turn your bouquet in your hand after you place each stem- this makes it easier to spiral when you are a beginner. Another top tip is to work in threes to create a pleasing pattern. Finally don’t grip your flowers too tightly. You should loosely hold the stems between you thumb and index finger.

Below is the usual list of flowers and foliage but you can use any flowers you like. For best results, choose four or five different varieties of flowers and foliage and select a mixture of flower head sizes, textures and shape to create good rhythm and harmony in your design.

Consider also your colour palette. Try to select flowers that compliment each other or go for tints and tones of the same colour for a harmonious result.

So let’s get started…

Flowers and sundries

1 x Aster Monte Cassino

3 x Spray carnations

3 x Standard carnations

3 x Chrysanthemum

1 x Eucalyptus Gunnii

3 x Hypericum

1 x Lily

3 x Roebelini leaves

3 x Rose Dynamic

Small bunch of salal of ruscus

String and pot tape

3 x squares of cellophane

2 x squares of tissue paper

1 x living vase box or gift bag

Conditioning your flowers

Make sure all your flowers have been conditioned before you begin arranging.

– Start by removing the extra foliage off your stems from around 2 /3rds down. Carefully cut or scrape off any rose thorns.

– Cut the ends of the stems at a 45 degree angle and place them in fresh water with a little flower food so they can have a good drink.

– Ideally you should condition flowers overnight before arranging but a couple of hours will suffice if you don’t have time. The longer you condition your flowers for the stronger they will be and they will break less easily.

Method of construction

– First take your lily stem and hold it vertically in you hand. Next take your Aster stem and add it your lily. Still keeping the stems straight in your hand add your stem of eucalyptus. You have now created the centre, focal point of your bouquet.

– Next we need to start spiralling. Take 3 pieces of your salal and add them to your bouquet at a 45 degree angle. Turn you bouquet in your hand after each addition and ensure each piece of salal is added to the bunch in the same direction.

– Salal is added to this design purely to pack out your hand tied by giving you more stems to hold and to stop the more expensive stems from moving around in your hand. So keep the Salal low down in your design. See picture below.

– Now you need to add your sets of three stems. First insert your Chrysanthemums, turning your bouquet after each placement. Next add your three standard carnations in between the Chrysanthemum. Pack with some extra Salal at this point. Now it’s time to put in your Roses. Still adding each stem in at the same angle and regularly turning your bouquet. You should see a spiral forming.

– Next insert your Standard Carnations, turning your bouquet as you go. As you are adding each set of stems you should gradually insert them lower than the previous set so you create a soft domed effect. In-between the Carnations add in your three stems of Hypericum berries. Then, finally add your Spray Carnations.

– Create a collar for your design out of the three Roebelini leaves. Make sure you don’t cover your other flowers too much with these leaves. The collar is there mainly to protect the other stems and finish off the design.

– Before you tie off your bouquet pull up any stems that may have sunk in your hand. Especially the central Lily and the Roses. When you are happy tie off tightly with a piece of string making sure no foliage is below the binding point. Tape over the string with pot tape for extra security. Cut all the stems to the same length. Successfully spiraled stems should stand unaided.

– To gift wrap your hand tied take your square of cellophane and fold it in half off set so you create two points.

– Next fold a square of tissue paper the same and put it inside the cellophane

– Now wrap you bouquet with the cellophane and tissue paper making sure you do not cover your flowers with too much wrap. Secure the wrap at the binding point with string.

Cut a square of cellophane and stand your bouquet in the centre of it, gather up the sides of the cellophane to create a ‘bubble’ around the stems. Tie in place with string and tape. Then, fill the ‘bubble’ with water to create the aqua pack.

– Finally place your finished bouquet in a living vase or gift bag ready to be gifted to your lucky person!

This is a level 3 creative craft standard design that I produced during my evening class at Birmingham Botanical Gardens