Philodendron scandens Brasil (Sweetheart Plant)

Philodendron scandens Brasil (Sweetheart Plant)


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This lovely plant has beautiful heart shaped trailing leaves.


This variety has lovely golden-yellow variegated leaves. Apparently variegated leaves are the one of the hottest 2022 house plant trends!


If left to grow Philodendrons go crazy and reach great lengths so it’s a lovely plant to choose to fill your home with green positivity!


Plant Care

Humidity: This plant will be fine anywhere in your home. It does appreciate a mist though!


Watering: This plant prefers to be well watered but not soggy! Once a week should be sufficient to keep it happy!


Light: It is a versatile plant and will tolerate bright light and shade. Direct sunlight will scorch the leaves however.


This is not a pet friendly plant





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