Pachira Aquatic (Money Tree)

Pachira Aquatic (Money Tree)


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Money Tree’s are a symbol of good luck and prosperity. It is thought that a Money Tree with a braided stem traps fortune within its folds!


Its five leaves on each stalk represent the five elements earth, water, fire, wind and metal.


It is an important feng shui plant. If you place it at the entrance to your business or by the till it will create positive chi and bring prosperity and good luck. You can also place it in your home or home office in the south east corner and you will enjoy the same positive rewards!

The money tree is the perfect lucky house warming, wedding or birthday gift!

Plant Care


Humidity: Money plants like high humidity, give them a mist daily


Watering: Water infrequently but deeply. Only water when the top two inches of soil feels dry. You can turn this plant each time you water it to promote even leaf growth and a nice shape. Don’t move around your home though it will protest by shedding leaves!


Light: Bright indirect light is best for this lovely tree


This is a pet friendly plant 😊

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