Contemporary Parallel Design Floral Workshop

Contemporary Parallel Design Floral Workshop


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Sunday 11th September 12-2:30pm

The Dance Workshop, Moseley

Become a floral zen warrior by mastering the art of the parallel design.

In this unique workshop trained florist Ashley, will demonstrate step by step, how to create a harmonious design through considered placement of your flowers and even spacing.

Then using a carefully curated collection of luxury and sculptural flowers you will be let loose to create your own unique design.

Ashley’s workshop isn’t just about learning this style of design, arranging flowers in this manor is extremely calming and therapeutic.

Pausing to consider each flower before placing it in your design calms and stills the mind and gives you the opportunity to reflect and appreciate nature.

The grace and beauty of parallel designs comes from the flower arrangers ability to exercise creative restraint and harness the power of negative space in their design.

The repetition of the flowers and even spacing in this design calms the mind when you look at it and makes for a contemporary and distinctive centrepiece for you to take home to enjoy.

Parallel design is a floral arrangement in which the flowers are all placed in the same vertical direction. The same flower variety is often repeated throughout the design to create impact and are always placed equal distance apart. In this kind of design, negative space is as important as the flowers.

This design style was developed in the 1980s by European floral designers and is very much inspired by traditional Japanese flower arranging such as Ikebana.

All flowers, materials and equipment are provided for you to create your designs and light refreshments are also included.

Images for illustration purposes only, flowers on the day may vary


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